In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (3) of section-18 and sub-section (7) of section-19 of the Pakistan Medical Commission Act, 2020; The Sialkot Medical College is pleased to make the following regulations called as: MBBS (Admissions Regulation 2020) of Sialkot Medical College. These regulations shall apply on all the students seeking admission in MBBS course in Sialkot Medical College in session 2021-2022.

Single admission test (MDCAT) shall be conducted annually by the National Medical Authority on a date approved by the council and as per standards approved by the National Medical & Dental Admission Board.

This test is mandatory for all students seeking admission in MBBS course of this college.

No student shall be awarded MBBS degree who has not passed MDCAT prior to obtaining admission in the MBBS course of this college except foreign students.

Admission in this college will be regulated by SMC Admission Board comprising of the followings.

  • Prof. Dr Imran Idris Butt
  • Dr. Syed Zafar Tanveer
  • Dr. Salman Imran Butt
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sabir
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamoun Razi
  • Dr. Shoaib Irfan
  • Mr. Zeeshan Butt

Application for admission will be invited by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) from the interested students through advertisement in newspapers or through its website.

After result of MDCAT 2020, candidates shall apply to PMC for admission in the college of their choice. On 15th January PMC will send a list of students willing to join this college.

Students will be called for Interview.

Merit list will be formed by adding interview marks out of 20.

Seat Allocation

No Fixed Quota

Pakistani & Foreign Seats = 100

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Course

  1. Open Merit

                      a) Nationality:

                      Any student of any province of Pakistan including AJK and GilgitBaltistan will be eligible to apply.

                      b) The student must have passed obtaining minimum of 65%  marks in

  1. Higher secondary school certificate (HSSC) or F.SC (Pre-Medical) or
  2. A- Level, or
  3. An examination of a course from a foreign university or examination body or foreign education system with at least three science subjects i.e biology, chemistry and either physics or mathematics and such course must be duly certified by the Inter Boards Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) as equivalent to HSSC or F.SC or Intermediate level of Pakistan.

c) Must pass MDCAT of that year.

2. Foreign or Overseas Pakistani or Self Finance Seats

     a) Category A:- A student who is a foreign national and does not hold Pakistani nationality and has obtained their HSSC, 12th grade examination or equivalent from outside Pakistan;

Category B: – Any student who is a non-resident Pakistani or non-

resident dual national having obtained HSSC, 12th grade examination or equivalent from outside Pakistan.

          b) Education same as mentioned in Open Merit (Section I-b).

          c) Must have passed MDCAT or Foreign SAT-II examination with minimum 550 marks or a foreign MCAT with minimum score 500.

         d) The candidate must pass English Language Proficiency test (e.g) valid TOEFL or IELTS with a minimum score of 500 or 5.5 or have a certificate by National University of Modern languages (NUMC) after one year English language Course, where medium of instruction for obtaining required academic qualifications for admission is not English.

         e) MDCAT remains valid for one year only while SAT-II remains valid for Two years.

Weight-age Formula

Merit will be calculated per weight-age formula given below.

  1. MDCAT: 50%
  2. SC / equivalent: 30%
  3. SMC interview or Admission test: 20%

Hafiz-e- Quran certified as such by the appropriate body / Authority shall be entitled to 20 marks to be added in FSC or HSSC or A- level etc.

SMC admission Committee have the right to refuse any student on the basis of his / her financial status or Behavioural / Attitude issues or medically unfitness issues. Decision of this committee will be final and cannot be challenged anywhere.

Academic Insurance is required from a well reputed or SMC recommended company for the continuation of the medical education of the admitted students.

Prescribed fee shall be deposited in the SMC College’s accounts.

Refund of Fee:

If the student wishes to leave the institution before the commencement of classes then there shall be a 100% refund of all deposit fee except for one time admission fee. If the student wishes to leave the institution within one month of commencement of classes, there shall be 50% refund of all deposited fee and if the student wishes to leave the institution after one month of commencement of classes then there shall be no refund.