HOD & Professor

Prof. Dr. Fatima Rashid

Pathology is the study of disease. It is a very vast, diverse & evolving field which is integral in understanding clinical medicine. Pathology department is chaired by Prof. Dr. Fatima Rashid who has a professional experience of more than 16 years. She is a graduate of King Edward Medical University Lahore & M-phil – Pathology from University of Health Sciences. Her dedicated team of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers is extremely professional regarding the delivery of all the academic & co-academic activities. MBBS students may feel overwhelmed by
the sheer amount of knowledge that they are required to learn as the curriculum of Pathology is quite extensive. Our goal is to help our students learn the core concepts using a student centric, friendly approach using an intelligent mix of lectures, presentions,
practicals, tutorials and clinicopathological correlation modules.
Educational resources like videos, biological specimens, microscopy slides, books and journals are used to learn this diverse subject. Early clinical exposure is used for clinical application
of Pathology. Through our state of the art laboratories at Imran Idrees Teaching Hospital and Idrees Hospital we give our students access to a wide range of clinical exposure in the field of chemical pathology, hematology and transfusion medicine, histopathology, microbiology, and molecular pathology. 

Faculty of Pathology

Sr. No Name Designation Qualification Faculty Reg No
1 Prof. Dr. Fatima Rashid HOD Professor MBBS, M.Phil 8513/40084-P/M
2 Prof. Dr. Riaz ul Haq Subhani Professor MBBS,DCP, M.Phil 6347/2733-B/M
3 Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Assistant Professor MBBS,DCP, M.Phil 28982/4971-P/M
4 Dr. Numan Majeed Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil 34029/67185-P/M
5 Dr. Nimra Anwar Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil Haematology 16518/49668-P/M
6 Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil Microbiology 8342-P
7 Dr. Neelam Arif Demonstrator MBBS 32466/87738-P/M
8 Dr. Zainab Tufail Demonstrator MBBS 32965/93253-P/M
9 Dr. Kanwal Deep Demonstrator MBBS 111971-P
10 Dr. Midhat Asif Demonstrator MBBS 109908104941-P/M
11 Dr. Naeem Ullah Demonstrator MBBS 27499/22325-P/M
12 Dr. Hamza Yousaf Demonstrator MBBS 32194/87324-P/M
13 Dr. Tariq Mehmood Lecturer MBBS 17944/24959-P/M
14 Mr. Ali Raza Lab Assistant
15 Mr. Sameer Lab Assistant FSC, Lab Tech course
16 Mr. Ahsan Raza Computer Operator BBA
17 Mr. Ateeq Bhatti Lab Assistant BA
18 Mr. Rana Mudassar Khan Lab Assistant Matric
19 Mr. Dauod Curator Of Patho Museum Matric, MLT