HOD & Professor


Physiology is the study of how the body works, from molecular and cellular to whole-organism levels.
The Department of Physiology is committed to delivering high quality academic experiences that prepare students for careers and advanced study in medicine and a variety of health-related fields.
It is chaired by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamaun Razi, who has a professional experience of more than 20 years at national & international level. He is a graduate of Dow Medical College, Karachi & FCPS – Physiology from College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan. His dedicated team comprises of Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Lecturers to deliver the academic & co-academic activities.
The air-conditioned departmental laboratory is very well equipped with power-labs, microscopes, treadmills, spirometers, perimeters and all other necessary equipments. The department also has its own digitally equipped air-conditioned tutorial room for conduction of small group sessions. 

Faculty of Physiology

Sr. No Name Designation Qualification Faculty Reg No
1 Prof.Dr. Shamaun Razi HOD Professor MBBS, FCPS 2796/29913-S/M
2 Dr. Shaista Hussain Associate Professor MBBS, M.Phil 4515/29427-P/M
3 Dr. Mohammad Hussain Tahir Assistant Professor MBBS, FCPS 17939/9529-P/M
4 Dr. Shazia Ramzan Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil 37782/33144-P/M
5 Dr. Kashif Mehmood Sen. Demostrator MBBS 27507/31464-P/M
6 Dr. Mirza Shahryar Baig Demonstrator MBBS 102391-P
7 Dr. Bakhtawar Sheikh Demonstrator MBBS 94546/82461-P/M
8 Dr. Sehar Nawaz Demonstrator MBBS 98732/114761-P/M
9 Dr. Muhammad Qamar Munir Lecturer MBBS 17927/20978-P/M
10 Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Lecturer MBBS 17928/22150-P/M
11 Dr. Anjum Sohail Lecturer MBBS 17940/5041-P/M
12 Dr. Irfan Muhammad Khan Nasar Lecturer MBBS 17923/27507-P/M
13 Miss Samina Arshad Lab Assistant M.Phil
14 Mr Abdullah Lab Assistant FSC,MLT
15 Mr. Subhan Shoukat Lab Assistant B.Com
16 Mr. Abdul Rehman Computer Operator Matric, VTI course
17 Mr. Sagheer Storekeeper FSC